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Dienstag, 7. August 2012

Einfach so diverses

Da ich heute nichts anderes zu tun habe, poste ich einfach mal was was ich auf Encyclopædia Dramatica über Mary Sues, Emos, und andere Subkulturen gefunden habe;

Some fan fiction loser makes fun of other fan fiction losers.

"OMG Ron WTF R U TLKNG about I've been cutting since I was born see the scar OMGLOLZ!"

I give up.
It's like an anime, only with crappier animation.
Hooray for Darwin!
The perfect gift for your kids!
Sometimes there's just so much beauty in the world
Everyone deserves to be loved. Except you, of course.

Im Mary Sue Artikel steht sogar wie man eine erkennt:

Name includes...
  • Unusual spellings, usually with K's or Y's in weird places such as Ravyn, Jennifyr, Erika, Elizabetteth, etc. (ex: Skye)
  • Words meant to describe an appearance or object in connection with the character such as Raven, Luna, Felina, etc.
  • Surname of some canon character the Suethor likes, usually the Sue is related to said canon character
  • Names that are a combination of the above characteristics (ex: Enoby Darkness Wray)
Common Traits
  • Eyes that change color
  • Hair that takes more than five words to describe
  • Special magical powers (even in fanons or games where magic doesn’t exist)
  • Unusual appendages such as wings or tails
  • Ability to master anything with ease
  • Dark past
  • Cute baby mythical creature for a pet, such as a baby dragon, baby griffin, or a baby unicorn
  • Ability to make every character instantly love them
  • Having the author play god to force the story to bend for her
  • Sparkles where there shouldn't be sparkles
  • No actual flaws (being "too beautiful" or "not being able to play the banjo" are not flaws)
  • Same ethnicity as the author, or ethnicity that the author wishes she had
In short, a "perfect" character that supersedes everybody in looks, personality, etc.
  • Note that even though Mary Sues have no real personality, other characters constantly remark on the Sue's personality


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